Banana Dog has many friends on the island, all living peacefully.

Banana Dog

A boy Banana Dog. He is kind, honest and cannot leave people in trouble alone. He is curious, courageous and loves adventures and challenges. He likes eating pancakes and taking naps. He can use magic to transform into vehicles.

Fruit fly

Banana Dog’s natural enemy. It chases after Banana Dog by its smell. It appears again out of nowhere even when it goes away.


Banana Dog’s best friend. They became friends at a time when Spider sewed back Banana Dog’s peeled tail. He likes making troubles and playing tricks on Banana Dogs. You can find him on Banana Dog’s head when they are together. His favorite treat are fruit flies.

Little Monkey

Banana Dog’s best friend. He is full of curiosity and always hungry. He appeared in Banana Dog’s island out of nowhere. He went on a big adventure to find his mom and dad with Banana Dog and the two have a strong bonding since then.

Banana Girl

A girl Banana Dog with a ribbon. She is in love with fashion and her pink banana peel is dyed by herself. She could be a little moody sometimes but she is smart, kind and capable of taking flexible and bold actions when needed.

Banana Smart

A Smart Banana Dog with glasses. He is shy but thoughtful and has a strong sense of responsibility, which is why he is trusted by his friends. He is good at handling machines and his knowledge and skills are beyond a human. He is also an assistant of Dr. Banana Dog and he dreams of becoming a great inventor like him one day.

Banana Cool

A Banana Dog that looks good with sunglasses. He is cool and tough as he looks. He is reliable as a trained police dog during troubles. He often travels around the world and rarely comes back to the island.

Banana Small

Banana Dog’s little sister. She is small compared to other Banana Dogs and has a bright and cheerful personality. She is a sensible girl with a strong mind and energy, as she naturally helps others who are in trouble. She admires Banana Cool and often chases after him when he’s around in the island.

Banana Mom

Banana Dog’s mom. She is very bright and playful. She is full of hospitality and warmly treats her family and other unique friends on the island. She is good at making egg dishes and sweets. She likes taking care of plants, especially the roses that she grows in the garden.

Banana Pap

Banana Dog’s dad. He is quite a family guy. He is a postman that delivers mail around the island. He does not work as an obligation, but rather does it for fun. He is quiet and has a lot of life experience and his friends often visit him to discuss problems.

Dr. Banana Dog

The genius Banana Dog inventor. He makes great inventions such as the Magic Cardboard Box house, Banana Copter vehicle and Banana Dog Robot friend. He often stays in his laboratory and devote to research. He sometimes make unbelievable mistakes that troubles the entire island.

Banana Dog Robot

A robot Banana Dog made by Doctor Banana He is made with lots of banana peels, empty soda cans and a bit of magic. He moves with sun power and runs as fast as a shopping bicycle at best. He is laid back and likes spending his free time sunbathing outside.

Mini Banana Dog Robots (Kiwi, Orange, Blueberry)

Three mini sized Banana Dog Robots made by Banana Smart. They are made with lots of banana peels, empty milk cartons and a bit of magic. Compact, lightweight, yet a good robot with lots of power and energy efficiency. Each one has a different personality.

Magic Cardboard Box

Banana Dog’s house. It can resist heavy rain and wind. The inside is spacious as it is connected to another dimension. It can be folded and carried easily.

Banana Copter

A floating banana vehicle with an engine of a cloud. It is mainly used when going outside the island. The inside smells good like a banana.

Time Travel Donut

A donut that can travel time by going through. By using selected organic ingredients and Banana Dog’s tail, this donut spins at the speed of light, opening a time travel gate in the inside. Spin it left to go to the past. Spin it right to go to the future.