Banana Dog?

Born in Yokohama Japan, 2010. Banana Dog is a character created by artist Shohei Nishihara, which is from a picture book that he wrote for international school kids where he used to work in his early career.

Shohei reading Banana Dog to school kids in 2010

As Banana Dog was created for a classroom full of children from diverse countries, its concept is “a character loved without borders”. Banana Dog was designed with the idea that “a banana and a pup should be accepted by many cultures”.

The first drawing of Banana Dog (2010)

Banana Dog, which are born from a magic banana tree, is a wonderful dog that has a head of a dog and a tail of a banana. Its size is about one bunch of bananas. It can be found in a warm island somewhere in the world and it lives in a magic cardboard box. Each Banana Dog has a unique character. Its tail is as sweet as honey and creamy as butter.

A special banana that got lots of sunlight and moonlight turn into Banana Dog.
Banana Dogs born from the same bunch become a family.
Banana Dog’s island is said to be located in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Each Banana Dog is VERY unique.
Banana Dog’s tail is super yummy!