Check out the wide variety of Banana Dog items. They’re old school, new, and a lot of fun! Find these from your closest partner stores!

Toy Figure

Banana Dog’s soft vinyl toy figure. Made together with legends and pioneers of the Japanese toy industry. Comes with a special sticker designed by Rob Kidney!

Towel Handkerchief

Banana Dog’s towel handkerchief made of organic cotton towel from Imabari. Colored with botanical dyeing method using banana peels, and banana leaves and flowers shared by a local banana farmer. A charming stitch in the corner. Check out here for the details!


Banana Dog’s wirework items. All one of a kind, made by hand using single wire strings and marbles. The glasses fit perfectly on your Banana Dog toy figure.


Made by Rakam

Banana Dog’s patch. The size is slightly larger than a postal stamp. Press with iron for 20 seconds, cool it down with some weight, and you’re ready to go!

Banana Paper Postcard

Made by Maruyoshi Nisshindo Printing, Retro Insatsu

A SUPER cute Banana Paper postcard designed by Rob Kidney! Printed with Risograph for a retro feel.