Save the Bananas!

Banana Dogs need your help!

Across the world, the bananas that we love – and that give Banana Dogs so much life and joy – face a threat unlike any other. A new disease, TR4 (Tropical Race 4 of the Fusarium wilt), is sweeping across banana plantations in many countries.

Currently, there is no fungicidal treatment for TR4, and there are no resistant banana varieties available. Even Banana Dogs’ island is not safe. And if we let TR4 keep spreading, eventually bananas as we know them, and Banana Dogs, could be gone.

But there are ways we can fight back against TR4. Banana Dogs are ready to do their bit. Are you?

Now, for each Banana Dog item you buy, 1USD donation will be made to the Global Alliance Against TR4. This is an organization of banana grower representatives, food companies, scientists and civil society groups – all working together to defeat TR4.

Global Alliance members are working with banana producers in real time to help them prevent, identify and stop TR4 outbreaks. They are spreading the word in local communities. And they are researching genetics to create a TR4-resistant banana variety, and give bananas a safe future in the long term.

It’s important work but it is also time-consuming and expensive! That’s why Banana Dogs are proud to contribute to the Global Alliance’s work together with you.

Bananas mean a lot of things to different people. To me or you, a beloved character or a tasty treat. For other people in the world, they mean essential nutrition or income they couldn’t live without. That’s why, when we fight for bananas, we fight for people too.

Join Banana Dogs in the fight. Let’s save bananas together!

Learn more about TR4 and the Global Alliance.