Picture Book

These are stories of Banana Dog made by Shohei Nishihara. Click the title or the image to view.

Banana Dog

Banana Dog is different from other dogs. One day, Ah… Ah… Choo! Banana Dog sneezed sneezed so hard that the tip of his tail peeled! He tries many things to fix his tail but it doesn’t work. What could he do next?

The first Banana Dog story. Banana Dog started as a character of a picture book that the author write for international school kids where he used to work.

Banana Factory meets Banana Dog
(Only available in Japanese)

The Chef from Banana Factory was looking for the perfect banana to use for his banana sweets. A friend Gorilla shares a story of Banana Dog, a legendary dog with a tail of a banana. The adventure to look for Banana Dog here begins!

Made in collaboration with Banana Factory, a specialized banana sweets cake shop in Mukojima, Tokyo. A copy is also available at the store. Please check it out while enjoying the incredible banana sweets!