Introducing Banana Dog’s friends

Banana Dog

A boy Banana Dog. He is kind, energetic and a little moody sometimes. He likes eating and playing.


Banana Dog’s best friend. He loves to eat Banana Dog’s tail. He is good at sewing.

Banana Girl

A girl Banana Dog. She stubborn but a kind girl. She likes Banana Dog but that’s a secret!

Banana Smart

A smart Banana Dog. He knows many things because he is smart. He is Banana Dog’s good buddy.

Banana Bad

A bad looking Banana Dog. He is cool but rude. He looks good with sunglasses.

Banana Small

Banana Dog’s little sister. She is grown-up for her age. She doesn’t get along with his brother.

Banana Mom

Banana Dog’s mom. She is bright and friendly. She makes the best banana pancake in the world.

Banana Dad

Banana Dog’s dad. He is a hard working family guy. He travels often and don’t go home.

Banana Prof

A genius Banana Dog. He makes many great inventions because he is a genius. He makes many mistakes too.

Banana Dog Robot

A robot Banana Dog. Banana Prof made him with banana peels and soda cans. It moves with sun power.